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Windows XP Network Protocols

As of Windows XP, NetBEUI is not recommended and must be installed separately if needed. If the LAN includes a router setup to not pass local traffic to the internet, TCP/IP should be used instead and NetBEUI is not needed for secure File and Print Services.

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Windows XP: Browsing Slow From XP to 98

Can change File and Print Services and Client For Microsoft Networks bindings to use only NetBEUI which is non-routable (will not cross router to internet). However, this is not necessary if there is a router on the LAN guarding Internet access.

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Windows XP: Missing Administrator Account

This is normal behavior once another account with administrator privileges has been created. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del twice on login page to login to the Administrator account.

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Open Source Medical Records Software

Hospital provides update on open-source move InfoWorld News 2006-03-02 By China Martens, IDG News Service
The Medsphere software is based on the open-source VistA electronic health record system developed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and in use at VA hospitals. Funded by U.S. taxpayer money and thus in the public domain, VistA stands for Veteran Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture.