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An Open Letter to Senator Bill Nelson of Florida

I was very disappointed to learn of your cosponsorship of the PIPA legislation in the Senate (companion to the House SOPA legislation). I've been an enthusiastic supporter of yours for many years, so I'm desparate to believe that you have been grossly misled as to the impact of this kind of legislation.

The Internet is the printing press of our day. WikiLeaks may be our "Pentagon Papers". If moguls like William Randolf Hearst, who by their wealth wielded the kind of power PIPA/SOPA gives all copyright holders, had existed in 1787 The Federalist Papers might never have been published. In today's America, just the existance PIPA/SOPA laws would cause the vast majority of personal, small business, charitable organization and certainly most all free websites to be closed for fear of a take-down for unintentional infringement leading to a lawsuit.

The Internet is the only tool left us to fight "The 1%". I fear the chill PIPA/SOPA would place on the last vestiges of our democracy would be the final nail in the coffin of The American Dream.

Please don't silence our final gasps for freedom... withdraw your support of PIPA.

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