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"HP transfers WebOS from the PC group: The game's afoot"

September 5, 2011 By Galen Gruman | InfoWorld

A Comment...

There is enough technical merit in WebOS and its Palm legacy that it's very unlikely to fall out out of use entirely unless HP kills it by holding on to it in a misguided effort to enhance the company's assets value.

That said, WebOS as a revenue source for HP is a non-starter.

There are only three ways to realize WebOS's value...
  • Used in an innovative new product -- as it was designed to do.
  • Sold for any patents it may have (sadly, reality vs. the future -- End Software Patents).
  • Release as open-source and gain hundreds of volunteer developers, documentors, project-managers and promoters. They will incorporate the best of WebOS into Android, Linux, and other open-source-friendly software, thus growing its market. This larger market will produce product opportunities HP can take advantage of before competitors because of its continuing active involvement in the open-source development.

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