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"Google Antitrust Probe to Shed Light on Search"

Fri, September 16, 2011, CIO, By Grant Gross
A Comment...

Looks like there's a coordinated "War on Google" going on.

I just hope Google can hold out till after the next election. If the Democrats win big, these malicious attacks on the most successful American business today will cease. If they don't, everyone at Google should probably just cash out.

The ultra-right has a death-grip on Congress and has proven, without exception, that they will destroy anyone and anything in order to insure that that black man is not reelected. (Google was Obama's #5 top campaign contributor in 2008 according to

The current congress cannot be dissuaded from its crusade. To try is a waste of effort.

The only way to take back our country is to vote our conscience.

The disorganized Democrats are a long way from ideal, but history has shown us in horrifying clarity what a well-organized, single-minded group can do to bring the world to the brink of destruction.

Some may complain that my comments are off-topic for this forum. That compartmentalization of our lives is exactly how we got into this mess... refusing to recognize how interconnected everything is.

Who is running the government matters.

At no time in our lives has it been more important to study the issues and the people who are or want to be the people telling us what we can and cannot do.

At no time in our lives has it been more important to stand up to our coworkers, our employers, our friends and stop this insanity.

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